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Bellatrix Sofa

Bellatrix Sofa

In order to complete your purchase please write an email to with the selected colour code (you can go through all colours available in fabric cat.B on the slideshow)

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Brand Montina

Its upholstery is removable for your convenience, and structural freedom is indeed its strength. In fact, the backrests tells a tale of freedom: they may be customised and arranged as you please. And free is the development of this piece of furniture: arrange it according to your whims and choose among a wide range of chromatic options.

COMPOSITION A: Sofa L.217cm (with n.2 movable backrest cushions L.102cm)
COMPOSITION B: Corner sofa L.333x217cm (with n.3 movable backrest cushions L.102cm)
COMPOSITION C: Sofa L.363cm (with n.2 movable backrest cushions L.102cm + n.1 movable backrest cushion L.78cm)
COMPOSITION D: Sofa L.247cm (with n.2 movable backrest cushions L.102cm)

Seat height:43cm

Also available in different sizes and fabrics (see data sheet) or please send a request to
(decorative cushions are not included)

Maggiori Informazioni
Maggiori Informazioni
Finish Standard
Designer Studio Montina

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