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Mood Sofa

Mood Sofa

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    Brand Montina

    Mood is a sectional sofa perfect for both home and public spaces.

    Let your imagination run free and create your personal composition mixing different colors, shapes and materials.

    Available elements dimensions:

    Armrests: 109x38xh52cm - 138x38xh52cm

    Backrests: 71x38xh66cm - 100x38xh66cm - 129x38xh66cm

    Seats: 71x71xh40cm - 100x71xh40cm - 129x71xh40cm- 100x100xh40cm - 129x100xh40cm - 143x100xh40cm

    Cushions: 65x65cm - 45x45cm - 65x65cm with roll

    (n.1 connection hook included with each module)

    In order to complete your purchase please send an email to with the selected fabric color code. You can find attached our fabric selection.

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    Maggiori Informazioni
    Finish Standard
    Designer Studio Montina

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