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Tabit Sofa


Tabit Sofa

2.276,00 €

modular sofa

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Brand Montina

What is order, if not a witty spatial arrangement of elements? With this purpose in mind, Tabit takes up the call, but it does so with tact and ease. It rekindles the usual line of sofas with horizontal and vertical extensions, that is, a headrest and its convenient lateral chaise longue.  

Seat height from ground cm. 44
Seat depth cm. 94
Seat depth chaise longue cm. 164
Armrest height cm. 60
Back structure height cm. 87
Width cm.277

Also available in different sizes and fabrics, please send a request

(decorative cushions are not included)

Maggiori Informazioni
Maggiori Informazioni
Finish Standard
Designer Studio Montina

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